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Published on 06 February, 2004

The Gospel of peace spreads despite unrest plaguing Haiti.

Haiti (MNN)–A demonstration turned violent Wednesday, when supporters of Haiti’s president clashed with student protesters.

The riot broke out as two leaders from the Caribbean communit held talks with Haitian opposition leaders, seeking an end to the country’s political crisis.

Men For Mission’s Warren Hardig says while the trouble took place in the capital, unrest spreads easily in the island nation. “There’s quite a bit of unrest but all of our folks are remaining stable and we’re in continual contact with the field and sending in teams.”

Hardig explains that is a concern, but not a deterrent. “We haven’t shrunk back from that. We’re trusting the Lord to protect us, but we’re trying to do diligence as well to not send anyone needlessly into harms’ way.”

He says they are ready to implement the next satellite downlink in “Operation Saturation”. It’s an effort to blanket Haiti with the Gospel. “We’re going to be sending another container to Haiti. It has two new generators on it. We’ve got to beef up our transmitter site near Cape Haitien for that.”

As for support, Hardig shares two needs: finances and manpower. ” We continue to deal with the issues of security and all these different things. We just need to get the equipment, we need to get the people there to install them.”

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  • Primary Language: French
  • Primary Religion: Christianity
  • Evangelical: 16.0%
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