1 million Scripture booklets needed for Christmas

By November 20, 2012

Russia (MNN) — Today, in Part Two of our series on Russian Ministries at Christmas time, we're focusing again on The Story of Jesus. Yesterday we told you about the booklet's distribution in Ukraine and how churches there have been able to distribute more than 750,000 copies. Today, our focus is on Russia.

According to Wally Kulakoff with Russian Ministries, Russia–which has three times the population of the Ukraine–needs these tools, too. "By providing The Story of Jesus to local churches, we provide a ministry tool whereby they can enter homes, hospitals, orphanages, and can use it in public schools for the class called 'Christian Ethics' or a religious instruction class."

The cost of printing, however, has been holding them back. But now, thanks to a matching gift, your $100 donation will buy 2000 booklets. "We'd like to print 1 million [copies of] The Story of Jesus before the January 7th Christmas celebration in Russia so that 1 million children would be able to see Jesus this Christmas season."

Kulakoff says Russian churches have an ambitious goal. "We need to print it, distribute it, and get it into the hands of the local churches across Russia, which is basically 11 time zones. We want to go as far as Siberia."

While children are the focus of  these booklets, Kulakoff says, "It'll not only reach children: it'll reach parents and grandparents." How? When children ask their parents to read the book to them, entire families will hear the Gospel message.

If you'd like to support the work of Russian Ministries in Russia, click here and we'll connect you.


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