10 cents will deliver two meals and the Gospel message

By April 21, 2011

International (MNN) — Finding 10 cents on the ground is hardly an accomplishment these days. Some young children might even pass on picking up a dime. There is, however, one thing that might surprise you about that small, silver coin: it can still buy a meal.

Global Aid Network has sent millions of meals to people throughout Africa, Central America and Asia for the past several years. Last year alone, GAIN distributed 16 million meals, each at the low cost of 10 cents each.

The meals are a rice and soy mixture with dehydrated vegetables and other nutrients. Each one is actually donated to GAIN, but shipping is still a cost. When you do the math of shipping costs, it evens out to about 10 cents per meal.

As these meals make their way to 20 different countries across the globe, they are bound to provide more than just physical sustenance. GAIN USA's Steve Watson says, "Every time we give someone a meal, it opens the door for us to talk to them about their life and to share Christ with them."

Recently, Watson experienced this firsthand with a woman in Guatemala. She was scrounging for every bit of food she could find but praising God in the process.

"We're actually providing those meals to her in the name of Jesus Christ. Then we tell her that He loves her, and she says, ‘Yeah, He does love me. He cares about my needs–that I need to eat,'" reflects Watson.

Right now, you can multiply the spread of physical and spiritual nourishment with GAIN's matching grant. Any gifts given up to $50,000 will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar.

To put it into perspective, "If you gave $35, you could help provide 700 meals."

3.5 million meals are ready to be shipped and are awaiting funding. Help feed thousands with these meals today when you click here. 10 cents goes a lot further than you think.

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