100 years +1 for Gospel ministry to India

By January 6, 2011

India (MNN) — There's a lot of celebration that surrounds
100 years in business. 

It's what happens in the 101st year that stresses the
foundation of the vision.  

2010 marked the centenary of Watkin Roberts, a missionary
who introduced the Gospel of John to the chief of Senvon, a Hmar village.

In 2011, the Bibles For the World ministry team headed up
by Ro and Mawii Pudaite asked this question: 
Why not send more Bibles than ever before? Mawii
says, "We can print and distribute 1.2 million copies of the Gospel of John in
India and another 200,000 copies in a restricted access country where few
people have heard the good news of Christ's salvation. We also can print and distribute 610,000
copies of the New Testament in four languages."  

The goals they've set are ambitious. Mawii Pudaite explains: "This month we are taking the first step in
faith toward achieving these ambitious goals. We are launching the printing of
500,00 copies of the Gospel of John in Hindi to be distributed to homes
in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and in Bihar. To
print and deliver each copy costs only 25 cents."  

With all the reports of harassment, oppression and
persecution of believers in India, would the target areas be open to receiving
a Scripture portion, or would it be a waste of resources? They
already have proof that the hunger for hope runs deep. "We
mailed 100,000 New Testaments to the people in Patna, and we have received
no protests against it. It was sort of a test, but 100,000 homes were

We asked why Haryana and Bihar were on the list for outreach
this year. Mawii says, "Bihar is one of the poorest [States] and densely populated by Hindus and non-Christians. Christianity is very
insignificant there."

In direct contrast, "In Haryana, we are working with a
church. They are asking us for one
million Gospels of John. They would like to distribute it door-to-door
themselves in order to follow up with a church planting program."

Although the price tag to print and send a Scripture portion
is just a quarter, the love of Christ delivers a priceless gift. You can be a part of this. Click here.

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