100,000 AIDS orphans to hear the Gospel

By December 7, 2007

Zambia (MNN) — Starting in January, 500 churches in Zambia will begin identifying AIDS orphans to reach out to. Every Orphan's Hope has challenged each church to find 200 children– that's 100,000 children total. 

The evangelism outreach runs from January through September until the big day in October.  Gary Schneider explains why this is crucial. "They know where this child lives, they know their circumstances, they've met with the child, and developed a relationship with the child. But come Orphan Sunday, the first Sunday of Oct. in 2008, that child will be invited to the church where each one will receive a personal presentation of the Gospel using the Good News wristband."

Every Orphan's Hope is working with EvanTell who has already started evangelism training sessions with those who will train the churches in Zambia. "The church itself, across denominational lines, has been organizing itself, now, for the last four years building up to this event," said Schneider.

Schneider explained that their goals are "first of all, of course, hopefully, to secure their eternal salvation. More importantly, it will really connect the church and the children together that there might be a growing relationship and discipleship in the Lord Jesus Christ."  

The long term goal of this yearly project is to encourage, equip, and mobilize the church so that they can reach every orphan with the Gospel, which will be 20 million by 2010.

They need your help. Every Orphan's Hope will donate one wristband for every one purchased online. 

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