Parade to celebrate Jesus in Ghana

By December 7, 2007

Ghana (MNN) — Christians are using a unique tool to unify the church, proclaim the Gospel and raise money for a community health clinic.

Oasis International's Ambrose Brennan says they're holding a Christmas Parade December 15 on the streets of Prampram. Brennan says the community is getting behind this. "We have pastors from six different churches that are helping. We're seeing a real sense of unity starting to be formed among the pastors — a real working together, which is one of the things we were hoping for."

According to Brennan, as pastors and churches have come together, the parade is taking shape. "We're just going to celebrate Jesus and go down through the streets and praise the Lord and rejoice. We believe like the Scripture says when Jesus said, 'If you will lift Me up, I will draw all men unto Myself.' And so that's one of the things we're really excited about."

They'll be passing out tracts, Gospel literature and inviting people to various local churches.

The parade is also designed to raise money for a community health clinic's recovery ward. Ghana television has been invited to come to the parade.

Businesses are beginning to respond financially, and now a government leader has pledged to attend this year. "The minister of health, which is the top health official in Ghana, is going to be coming. As he comes, we've asked him to speak."

Brennan anticipates the minister of health will encourage the people of Prampram to continue supporting their work, which isn't something typical for the population.

While the celebration and the unity are important, Brennan says, "We're hoping that it's going to draw a lot of people to watch the parade. Maybe if they've never accepted the Lord as the Savior, they're going to question some of the people in the parade and say, 'What is this all about?' And we're going to be ready to explain the plan of salvation."

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