100,000 Bibles will go to…soccer/football fans

By June 11, 2012

Ukraine (MNN) — Ukraine and Poland will have the attention of Europe as Euro 12 soccer championships got under way Friday. The soccer/football championship will continue through July 1, with the final in Kiev, Ukraine. Ukraine alone spent billions of dollars to host the tournament. However, Next Generation church leaders are using Euro 12 to share something eternal.

Wally Kulakoff with Russian Ministries says Christians in Ukraine will be sharing Christ. "We prayed, and the Lord impressed upon us to print 100,000 New Testaments for this event–soccer and evangelism."

Kulakoff says Russian Ministries isn't working alone. "We're having ten partners [and] many churches involved with us and doing evangelism in the four cities — or even more cities than the events are taking place."

Russian Ministries trains Next Generation church leaders to be creative in opportunities to tell people about Jesus Christ. Kulakoff says Fun Zones have been created. "They will have live broadcasts of the soccer events. During half-time events, they will have water, games, social events, and during these times there will be evangelistic events where the Gospel will be shared and people will be given a New Testament."

Kulakoff adds that this Scripture will be specific to those they're trying to reach. "[There will be] 40,000 in the Russian Language and 60,000 in the Ukrainian Language. Ukraine is still a country that is bilingual."

These New Testaments to be given away were "specifically designed for this event. They have a Ukrainian appeal, a Ukrainian look to them. But it's the Gospel message, and I think it'll be appealing to many young people."

They are designed to help readers with everyday problems. "People will be able to turn to sections where they feel lonely, and read a verse of Scripture. When they feel sorrowful, they can read a verse of Scripture. When they feel angry, there's a verse of Scripture. [All of this is designed] to address all of the emotions people go through. And then, also, the plan of salvation."

Funding is still needed for this project. "We are still lacking over $20,000 for this project. We're praying that the Lord will provide it."

When you make a gift today, a generous donor will match your gift dollar-for-dollar. If you'd like to help Russian Ministries complete this project, click here.

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