100,000 copies of the New Testament to be sent to Bihar, India

By August 9, 2010

India (MNN) — The state of Bihar, India has gone nearly untouched by a Christian presence. Hardly over one percent of the 82 million population affiliates themselves with Christ. Operation World calls Bihar "the graveyard of missions."

Mawii Pudaite of Bibles for the World says she's heard it said that "this northern state of Bihar is one of the most backward and depressed in India."

What was centuries ago a great and wealthy region is now an impoverished area that few venture to visit. There is an extreme lack of long-term missionary presence, and Pudaite says it seems few even enter the state unless they're passing through to Nepal.

"The religion: Hindu: 81.5 %, Muslims: 14.8%, Christians: officially 1.06%, and animists: 1.6%," says Pudaite.

Of course the entire country of India is in need of prayer and missionary presence, but this state needs special attention. Bibles for the World has taken note and is doing what they can to bring the Word of God to the people of Bihar.

"This month, Bibles for the World is getting ready to send 100,000 copies of No Greater Love–the entire New Testament–to 100,000 selected families in the city of Patna," says Pudaite. Patna is the capital city of Bihar.

After the New Testaments are sent out, families will be able to read the Word of God in the privacy of their own homes. There is a follow up team in Patna waiting to talk with and guide those who have questions or would like to accept Christ as their Savior.

In addition to needing the Gospel, the people of Bihar need prayer. Pray that each person in the 100,000 families receiving the New Testament would read it and recognize the Truth. Pray that the follow up team would have the words to answer questions and would reach out with the love of Christ to all who come to their door.

Sending this many copies of the Gospel comes with a cost, but in this case, it's a relatively low one. It costs only $2.25 to print, package and address each copy. That means for a donation of $9, you can send four copies of the New Testament to people who have likely never owned or read any part of one.

To donate, call Bibles for the World at 888-382-4253 or click here. They would also like you to contact them if you are planning to join them in prayer for this effort. If you pledge to pray or donate to this project, Bibles for the World will send you Dr. Ro Pudaite's book, The Dime That Lasted Forever.

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