11 Christians held in Laos have been released

By January 19, 2004

Laos (MNN)–Eleven Laotian Christians have finally been released from prison.

The group was arrested in the village of Kang, Laos, in late December for holding religious services on Christmas Day. The Christians were arrested and gatheed in front of a house church of Kang village on December 27th. Their Bibles were thrown into a heap and then the names of those being arrested were written in one of the Bibles.

The official who arrested the 11 Christians died in a traffic accident January first. Mr. Ne was notorious for his persecution of Lao Christians. Shortly after making arrests, Ne crashed his motorcycle head-on into another vehicle and died at the scene.

A spokesman for Christian Aid Mission said that while they were in prison they shared Christ with 100 other inmates.

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