Adoption trends change that may open new doors for ministry.

By January 19, 2004

USA (MNN)–Elsewhere, for years, Americans wishing to adopt children have often looked to Asia and Central Europe. But, a new trend has developed where Africa has become a popular place for couples to look.

Traditionally a continent with wars plaguing nearly every country, security risks and red tape were two main obstacles to adoptions.

Now, West Africa could point to the consolidation of peace in Sierra Leone and the end of a 14-year civil war in Liberia as positive regional developments in 2003. That means other doors will be opening soon.

Adoption Associates’ Dick VanDeelan says they’re hoping to develop a program in Sierra Leone now that tensions are calming. “We’ve been told that Sierra Leone is now relatively safe, and we may soon travel there, or, I would say, within the next two months. Another possibility would be actually escorting the children out of Sierra Leone, rather than having families go there themselves.”
VanDeelan says they’re trying to connect believers to this ministry. “There are almost no children coming out of Africa, and yet the needs are almost overwhelming. However, there are changing attitudes, and there may be greater receptivity, especially through the churches to an approach that would sort of be ‘room for one more’.”

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