11 Grandmothers plan to show love to orphans in Africa

By February 17, 2005

South Africa (MNN) – A group of 11 grandmothers are planning a trip in to share their love with orphans and bring the Gospel message. Miriam Machovec with Book Of Hope says they have called themselves the “Granny Brigade.”

The Granny Brigade is “a group of grandmothers who are going to go to Africa and help with the babies and the children who have no parents. Some of them have AIDS, but we’re going to go do a Book Of Hope distribution in the schools. But we are also going to spend most of our time in the orphanages. So we’re going to love on these babies, tell them grandmother stories and do grandmotherly things,” says Mackovek.

During their trip, the Granny Brigade will take the time to rock the babies, give them attention and simply be grandmothers. Many of the children are being raised by their older siblings and lack love and attention. They will help with the babies and children who have no parents, share the Gospel in schools and visit a refugee camp.

They always get permission first before entering the schools and then will pass out the books according to age. Book of Hope is printed in over 65 languages but most of the children there do speak and read English. The grandmothers will not only rock them and give them grandmotherly love, but also share the love of Christ and the Gospel message through the Book Of Hope distribution.

Mackovek is a full-time volunteer with Book Of Hope. She says this is the first time they have ever put together a group of grandmothers for this specific purpose. Those interested in future trips can call her at 954-975-7777, ext. 121.

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