Help is needed to aid church rebuilding in Sri Lanka

By February 17, 2005

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Another earthquake struck off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia but this time the 6.0 quake didn’t cause damage like the tsunami of December 26th. That’s good news because many areas like Sri Lanka are still struggling.

Back to the Bible’s Woodrow Kroll says while immediate needs appear to be met, but not the needs of the church. He says Back to the Bible is helping in areas where secular society isn’t helping. “A pastor loses his entire library, who will replace that library? A church building is gone, who will replace that church? The hymnals are all gone, where will they get hymnals? Students who were in Bible colleges and seminaries lost family members back home. They now have no income, no money to stay in school.”

While this doesn’t sound all that bad, it not something Kroll is excited about. “Sri Lanka could lose 10 years or more of church leadership if we don’t step up and help these students financially right now in order to stay in school,” he says.

Back to the Bible is raising money for just such an effort. He says, “This is an opportunity, I think, we have not only to meet physical needs, but I think the church has to concentrate on long term spiritual needs and that’s going to be around a long, long time.”

While over $500,000 has already been raise for rebuilding, much more is needed. Go to Back to the Bible’s web site at to help.

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