Starvation threatens Haitians as food runs out

By March 3, 2014
For Haiti with Love ministers to all different ages. Please help them in this time of need (Photo by For Haiti)

For Haiti with Love ministers to all different ages. Please help them in this time of need. (Photo by For Haiti)

Haiti (MNN) — It’s a fact that the things of this world are unreliable.

For Haiti with Love is well aware of this truth. This month, they will not receive their regular food aid. This is the second month since December.

Eva DeHart of For Haiti explains how dire the situation is as food runs out: “We’re fast running out of food for our food program. We’re going to have to switch to local sources for rice and beans to carry us through this time, and it’s going to be more expensive than what we’ve been dealing with.”

As the stocks run out, DeHart says, “We have people looking in Haiti to locate sources of bulk rice and beans that we can get to carry us over.”

It may not seem like such an issue to use local food sources. However, the difference is extreme. It is $10,000 worth of extreme.

“We have elderly, we have disabled, we have great-grandmas raising grandkids,” DeHart says, “We’ve got people that will starve to death if we don’t get regrouped pretty quick, and at this point that means money.”

Their food program is a response to the general poverty of the area. “When times get tough, the young people get very involved in providing for their own families, and the elderly get forgotten.” DeHart explains, “They’re people who are too old and too weak, really, to provide for themselves, and [they] just need help in getting food. There are a lot of disabled people–people who have been injured in their work, people who were born with physical disabilities.”

There is another group that is desperate for help. Their situation is heart-breaking: “People are walking away from their children for some reason, and they’re leaving them with Grandma, or they’re leaving them with Great-Grandma. Those people are really too old to figure out a way to provide for those children. And nutrition at a young age is very, very important for mind development.”

Not only have these children been abandoned by their parents, but their providers wonder where the food will come from.

This program is not all about earthly food, however. When asked if For Haiti gets a chance to share the Gospel through this, Dehart says affirmatively, “All the time.”

The burn clinic is another place where people need food, and it’s another chance for them to see the love of Christ in action. Here also they need good food in order to heal properly and get back to work.

“They know that their food is coming from God, and that it is God’s people who are helping them,” DeHart says.

If you feel led to help For Haiti with Love through this time, it’s easy to give. Visit their homepage here, and click the picture icon right under “Donate now!” on the upper left.

DeHart also says that there are Teams heading to Haiti soon to help out with various aspects of the ministry. She asks that you pray for those will to step out and get involved with mission groups around the world.

She says, “It really helps the morale of the Haitian people to take hold and try to help themselves when they see people coming from America who are willing to leave the comforts of their homes and go down to help and to share God’s love with them.”

Please pray for God’s comfort, guidance, and providence through this time.

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