Kids are in safe hands

By March 3, 2014
Photo by SAT-7

Photo by SAT-7

Middle East (SAT-7/MNN) — All across the Middle East and North Africa, adults are handing over the TV remote control to their children. Many forgo their beloved sitcoms and newscasts to watch children’s sing-a-longs, puppet shows, and bedtime stories, making sure their kids are in safe hands.

This is because millions of children are captivated by the presentation of the Bible on SAT-7 KIDS, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa.

One mother has written that her 18-month-old son is enamored with the songs on SAT-7 KIDS. She writes, “The channel is on most of the day. His father had to buy another TV to watch the news because the children won’t let us change the channel.” Parents willingly let the kids take over the TV because they are glad to have finally found a source of wholesome and edifying entertainment.

A Jordanian mother has said, “All my thanks and appreciation to your brilliant programs…for the education and enrichment of our faith, as well as our kids. I am a mother of two, and whenever I tune in to SAT‑7 KIDS, I truly feel they are in safe hands.”

Some kids are communicating directly with the SAT-7 Audience Relations teams. An Egyptian child wrote to the channel, “You are the best channel ever; I always watch you, and I watch no other channel than you. I always pray to [the] Lord Jesus to keep you for us, so we can keep on learning wonderful things about our Lord Jesus through your channel.”

The people watching SAT-7 KIDS in Arabic are not all small children. A 73-year-old Algerian woman has also found joy through this channel. She writes, “I cannot switch to any other channel…I’m learning many things from this program, I can’t miss it! I really feel peace when I watch these children’s programs. I love the expressions used by the little kids and the simplicity of presenters.”

In many homes, children and parents gather around the television together to watch the programs. It is a social event and, in the case of SAT-7 KIDS, a spiritual one. As a family, they learn the truth of Christ as presented in the simplicity and animation of children’s programs.

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