12 million young people will be reached in Brazil this year

By April 7, 2005

Brazil (MNN) — Children in Brazil will be able to read God’s Word this year. The churches in Brazil have embraced the Book of Hope and this year delivered it to 12 million children and youth.

While that’s exciting, there’s still much work to do. The church recognizes that and this year they’re planning to do even more. They’ve set a goal of reaching another 12 million students.

Some 12,000 churches have joined together to reach all the children and youth of Brazil with the Book of Hope, and each year more churches get involved. Because of the amount of volunteers and the number of young adults who want to help, The Brazil Book of Hope office has established “Forca Extra” (Extra Force in Portuguese) an internship program for Brazilian young people.

The program trains them in conducting Forca Extra events at which pastors and volunteers can be trained in Book of Hope outreach, and then launch a team for book distribution and Hope Fest meetings.

Pray that God will supply all their needs. Your gift of $100 (USD) can put a Book of Hope in the hands of 300 children. Click on the highlighted link above for contact information.

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