20 young people lead hundred to Christ in Mozambique

By February 17, 2006

Mozambique (MNN) — As HIV/AIDS, the economy and the lack of teachers continues to headline the news in Mozambique, young Mozambicans are teaching a message that will answer all of these issues — the message of Christ.

According to Teen Missions International Abby Boyd, 250 young people were trained this year in their boot camps. Boyd says the response to the Gospel has been incredible. She says one team in particular saw God at work. “They were an evangelistic team that showed the Jesus Film and then they would preach the Gospel afterward. And, it was a team of about 20 kids. They were mainly 13, 14, 15 and 16 year olds and these kids saw over 1,078 salvations just by this one team alone.”

The incredible part of this story is that the conversions took place in an area antagonistic to the Gospel. According to Boyd, there’s only one explanation for this kind of response. “We don’t normally see that many for one specific team. The only explanation is that God had prepared the hearts of these people and they were just ripe and ready to be harvested at this point and these team members were there to witness it.”

Since there is a limited Christian witness in the area, planting a church will be a challenge. Pray that God will raise up believers to help do this.

In the meantime, Teen Missions is recruiting more young people to join them for trips this summer, says Boyd. “We have currently about 35 teams that are going out for teenagers ages 13 to 20.”

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