Adoptive ministry in Ukraine sees a setback.

By February 17, 2006

Ukraine (MNN)–In Ukraine, the new ministry of Family, Youth and Sport expected a changeover by May 1.

To clear the way, the National Adoption Center in Kiev closed, placing many adoptive families in limbo. In January, both the Department of State and the US Embassy in Kiev announced that there were 900 missing post-placement reports on Ukrainian adopted children.

According to information on Bethany Christian Services’ website, until these reports were completed the only dossiers that would be accepted in Ukraine were those for siblings of children previously adopted, children with significant medical needs and older children. They would not accept dossiers from families wishing to adopt “healthy” children.

However, President Viktor Yuschenko signed a law that re-opened the center, but, missing reports entangled the system and created a backlog.

That means that the agencies will serve first the families who were in Ukraine in December and secondly the families who had appointments in January. It also means that new dossiers for healthy children will not be accepted until the post-placement issue is resolved.

For the Bethany families who are living testimony to the connection between earthly adoption and spiritual adoption, they’re praying for opportunity to nurture.

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