200,000 Christians in Africa to be armed with the Gospel

By February 28, 2005

Africa (MNN) — It’s their largest effort ever. E3 Partners has a goal of seeing thousands, if not millions, come to Christ and should initiate an incredible church planting movement if it’s successful.

EvangeCube’s Tom Doyle, “We’re going in and working through the nationals in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sudan, to this year, arm and equip 200,000 believers with an EvangeCube, with training, in an area where they can cover, to go into these villages and share the Gospel.”

This could mean, says Doyle, an incredible move of Christ as churches are planted. “One country plans to plant 1,000 churches just this year.”

With the famine, HIV/AIDS and civil war taking place in many countries in Africa, Doyle says God’s Word is the only answer. He says the International Bible Society is partnering with them, providing a special edition HIV/AIDS Bible. Doyle says nationals are doing the distribution. “They’re able to go in and train people and tell them, because so many of the people in the remote villages don’t have the truth, don’t understand all of the ramifications and so we’re not only getting the Gospel out there, but hoping to attack the biggest social issue of the day in Africa and that’s AIDS.”

EvangeCube’s sister ministry, Global Missions Fellowship, is sending 30 short-term mission teams to the region in the next few months. To help these teams, EvangeCube needs sponsors, says Doyle. “You can sponsor an EvangeCube for $6. You can also support a national for $30 a month and he’ll get EvangeCubes, training, follow up. He’ll get a whole slew of things that will go in his backpack as he goes from village to village.”

Go to their web site EvangeCube.org if you’d like to help.

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