2004 declared year of Bible in Russia and CIS

By December 18, 2003

Russia (MNN) — WHAT IF you got unparalleled numbers of people in the former Soviet Union to read the Bible daily? What if you helped them see the Bible as their sole source of truth, life and strength? You could cause a spiritually starved generation to become a beacon of light to the world!

NOW YOU CAN, through “Year of the Bible 2004”–but ONLY if there are enough Bibles! Unite with friends like yourself around the world. Together you can provide the Bibles needed to reach a multitude of people in the former communist republic with God’s Word! Plus, our generous partners will match your gift dollar-for-dollar, Bible-for-Bible!

Bible League , in partnership with the major evangelical denominations in the former Soviet Union, is launching “Year of the Bible 2004.” This MASSIVE CAMPAIGN spans denominations, borders, and languages across the former communist republic. Believers will dust off their Bibles and deepen their faith. Others will open a Bible for the first time, to see if what they’re hearing is true–and MANY WILL ACCEPT JESUS!

Would you please make sure they’ll have a Bible within reach?

Your gift of $4.00 will provide one of THOUSANDS of Bibles needed to meet the demand this campaign will spark. Plus, for each $4.00 Bible you provide, our partners will match it. Your gift of one Bible becomes TWO! How many $4.00 Bibles will you provide? How many people, moved to seek God’s Word, will find it–thanks to your gift?

Prayerfully consider your impact on “Year of the Bible 2004.” Then log onto http://www.bibleleague.org/yob/donate to give your gift online, or dial 1-866-825-4636 to talk with an associate. Together with likeminded friends around the world, our gift-matching partner, and God’s blessing–YOU CAN provide enough Bibles. Then, people in the former Soviet Union who seek God’s Word will find it! And you will lead people to Jesus, through the gift of His Word!

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