‘2013 Arab Heart Campaign’

By December 12, 2012

International (MNN) — By the end of 2012, PIONEERS internet outreach Web sites will have over two million visits from Arab world Muslims.

This is double the number from 2011, and the ministry team anticipates even more in the upcoming year…which points to something remarkable.

The Arab Spring revolutions and the continued political turmoil in the Arab world region have revealed more than physical discontent. Arab world Muslims are now seeking new answers to questions about God, not just government.

PIONEERS has responded by sending 100 new missionaries and launching new media outreach strategies tailored to speak to specific ethnic linguistic groups. And their ministry approach is working!

As a result of the number of workers and their Arab World (AW) Media ministry, there has been a 16% increase in Muslims requesting face-to-face meetings with the missionaries in the region.

Starting in the new year, PIONEERS is launching a campaign with Arab World Ministries (AWM) called "2013 Arab Heart Campaign."

This campaign will build on the progress PIONEERS has made in the past year, increasing the number of Arab world Muslims exposed to the gospel by their AW Media outreach ministry.

With 217 million Arab world people still considered unreached by the gospel, there is a need to sustain the mass-media outreach. To ensure that new believers find fellowship and mature in their faith, PIONEERS needs to place more workers on the ground.

"2013 Arab Heart Campaign" will target countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan, Libya, and many more. PIONEERS is looking to raise $400,000. Half of that would be for the media outreach and the other half for increased recruiting, training and sending.

Please pray for PIONEERS as they recruit more missionaries for the harvest field. Also pray for the missionaries already in dangerous areas. Pray for their safety. Ask God to give new believers the boldness to share their faith.

If you would like to become involved in this ministry, click here.


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