2013 was good year for VBB

By January 9, 2014
2013 was a good year for VBB

USA (MNN) — As a ministry, you tend to look back on the previous year to see if you hit goals and objectives. Vision Beyond Borders is thankful: 2013 was a good year for VBB by God’s grace.

Jesus says when we see someone naked, we are to clothe them. And when we see someone hungry, we are to feed them.

VBB01-09-14Because of your prayers and financial support, Vision Beyond Borders was able to serve. They purchased 75,000 packs of vegetable seed, sent humanitarian aid to Egypt, distributed over 14,000 pounds of clothing, sent a container filled with relief supplies to the Syrian refugees as well as a container of provisions to Burma, sent funds to help with the Romania snow storm relief, emergency relief for the Syrian Refugees, support for the Hmong (a persecuted tribal group in SE Asia), small projects for the Leper Church in Burma, and over 9,000 pairs of shoes to Kenya, Tanzania, Syria, Romania, Nepal, Cuba, Burma, Thailand, and Turkey.

VBB was also able to organize a short-term clinic and help to provide medical treatment for many Burmese refugees.

Through your faithful donations, VBB was able to continue to supporting children’s homes in Burma, India, Nepal, and Romania. Lives are truly being impacted through these homes, and it is a delight to visit the children and see how their lives have changed. They have so little but are so full of joy and contentment in Jesus; many of them share how they desire to be pastors and evangelists when they grow up! As they sing and praise the Lord, it is clear they have a real relationship with their Savior.

VBB was also able to host nearly 120 travelers comprising 17 teams and many repeat travelers in 2013. You can join them on a trip, too.

Read their full report here.

If you’d like additional information on how you can be a part of VBB’s work abroad, click here.

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