3 ways you can pray for Syrian believers

By September 9, 2014

Syria (MNN) — ISIS is drawing the U.S. into another battle for freedom in the Middle East, and a group affiliated with al-Qaeda is closing in on a Christian town in Syria.

E3 Partners is in close contact with Syrian believers and asks you to stop whatever you’re doing and pray for them.

  • Ask the Lord to protect Christ-followers in Syria.
  • Pray He will help them find a safe place to hide.
  • Pray for overwhelming peace in their lives and in Syria, instead of terror.

Reports of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists began surfacing in Syria last year, with E3 Partners sharing reports of Christians being crucified. ISIS then began moving further and further into Iraq, eventually taking Mosul and claiming an Islamic “caliphate.”

While most media outlets follow the ISIS reign of terror, violent persecution of Christians continues in Syria–this time, under a different name.


On Sunday, a Syrian believer named “Fayez” sent the following update, which was shared on the 8thirty8 Facebook page: “Thank you for your prayers. We left our home. The fear has filled all the people here. Hundreds of the families fled from their houses…. The situation is difficult, difficult, difficult. Please continue to pray for us.”

Shortly before that update was sent, another Syrian believer made this request: “Please pray for Fayez and his family. His area [has been attacked] by fanatic Muslims from 3 hours ago until now. The situation is so bad there now.”

(Photo cred: 8thirty8)

(Photo cred: 8thirty8)

According to this report by The Guardian, al-Qaeda affiliates Jabhat al-Nusra have surrounded the historically-Christian town of Mhardeh and are bombing it continually. Mhardeh is reportedly a “safe haven” for Syria’s Greek Orthodox Christians.

“We are besieged on all sides, except for one road, but it’s difficult to go on it as Nusra has the capability to hit it,” reported The Guardian‘s source in Mhardeh.

In neighboring Iraq, U.S. airstrikes against ISIS strongholds continued over the weekend, and new plans emerged on Sunday.


Citing U.S. officials, The New York Times issued a report late Sunday outlining more U.S. attacks against ISIS.

According to the report, the strategy would have three phases:

  1. (already underway) Airstrikes against ISIS strongholds in Iraq.
  2. Increased training of national security forces.
  3. Airstrikes against ISIS strongholds in Syria.

U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to release more details in a public speech later this week.

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