40 Christians arrested in Saudi Arabia

By April 27, 2005

Saudi Arabia (MNN) — As Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah and U-S President George W. Bush met this week to discuss oil production, Christians are asking the Islamic nation to release Christians. According to Compass Direct News, a group of Pakistani Christians were arrested while meeting in someone’s home last Friday.

Open Doors Ministries USA President Carl Moeller says, “This was a prayer service that’s held every week. And, the religious people broke in and detained 40 believers and are still, according to some reports, still holding two of those members — a pastor and an evangelist of that group. So, we’re very concerned with this latest development.”

Saudi Arabia absolutely forbid the worship of anything other than strict radical Islam. “They’re number two on the World Watch List, second only to North Korea for mistreatment of Christians. We’re hoping that Christians all over America will take the opportunity to contact their representatives in Washington DC, to let our government know that we really do not support a policy that ignores these types of religious persecution.”

Open Doors is reaching out to many Christians in countries like Saudi Arabia. While Moeller can’t tell us specifics because of security issues, he says the church is growing throughout the Muslim world. He says Open Doors is providing important resources to help national Christians see the lost turn to Christ. “We can’t go, most of us, but a Pakistani or an Indian can be an evangelist for the church and we can support them and we can encourage them and we can strengthen them through our work strengthening the church.”

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