A trip to Europe is key to attracting new missionaries

By April 26, 2005

Europe (MNN) — The number of Christians going on short-term mission trips is increasing. Many want to make a difference by helping the hungry in Africa, or rebuilding homes in tsunami hit areas of Asia, or perhaps that want to share the Gospel with people in the Middle East. Many seem to have forgotten about the spiritual needs in Europe.

Greater Europe Mission hasn’t, and that’s why they’re planning a trip in September, called the “Luther Tour.” GEM’s Bill Bennett says, “I’ve found that in North America we’re just not aware of the spiritual darkness in Europe. So, we wanted to put together a trip that would follow the Reformation trail, meet with the missionaries and then spend time praying about Europe.”

While many believe Europe is religious, Bennett doesn’t agree. “If we’re talking about people who know Jesus, who have a personal relationship with Jesus, Europe-wide that’s less than 1-percent. And, people are just blown away that that’s the case.”

Bennett says while there a many churches throughout Europe, these buildings are deceiving. “A lot of the churches, the great cathedrals, they’re just empty. One priest may serve a half a dozen parishes. They’re importing priests from Africa because they don’t have enough young men going into the priesthood.”

The hope is that this trip will be the tool needed to motivate Christians for outreach in Europe. “We want to see people have a first-hand experience so they can come back and talk about the need in Europe. We understand that once a person sees the desperate need over there they really want to get involved.”

The trip begins September 7th. To find out more information, go to the Greater Europe Mission by following the highlighted link above.

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