4th typhoon in month lashes Philippines

By November 12, 2009

Philippines (MNN) — Four back-to-back typhoons in a month left tens of thousands of Filipinos living in flooded villages and towns. Mirinae came just weeks after tropical storm Ketsana caused massive flooding on September 26.

A week later, Typhoon Parma lashed northern Luzon, hovering over the area for a week and causing widespread destruction over the track left by Lupit.

As a result, the government said many outlying areas around Manila would continue to be water-logged well into the new year. Accessibility in the north remains a serious issue, with areas cut off by damaged bridges and landslides.

Many families are still living in evacuation centers. Cleanup has begun with teams working to remove the mess of garbage and mud blocking the roads.

Rody Rodeheaver with IN Network says, “Some people had five feet of water in their homes; our office had five feet of water, and all of our equipment was destroyed, not to mention all of the children that we work with in our child sponsorship program: 95% of them were affected by this storm.”

Filipino people are helping each other and working together, but much of the country is devastated. Over four million people have been affected.

Repairs had been underway when the fourth storm struck, undoing everything that had been done. However, Rodeheaver says, “God is still working there, and people are finding out that the church is there to help everybody. It’s opening doors to share the Gospel. More importantly, it allows people to work together under the banner of Christ.”

I.N. Network teams are still providing emergency survival kits. While the relief strategy contains many elements, the first and most vital step is to provide basic provisions such as instant food, clean water, warm clothes, and sanitation.

I.N. Network Philippines is accredited with the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and other NGOs are looking to them to lead this relief effort. The relief agencies have agreed to work together to distribute relief items equally and as quickly as possible. They desperately need your help to provide basic needs during this crisis. Click here to respond.

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