50 audio Scripture units stolen in India

By December 2, 2009

India (MNN) — Last week, 50 audio Scripture listening units were stolen in Northeast India.

The audio Scripture units were the last 50 units available for distribution via Audio Scripture Ministries in India. The units were being sent to an office that was last on the distribution list and had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the units. Unfortunately, the office never received them.

"Essentially the units were stolen en route and replaced with a copy of an old Bible and some old medicine bottles etc," says ASM's JP Sundararajan. "So basically, somebody just swapped packages."

No one can know for sure where the units are now, and the loss has been substantial. Each unit reaches an average of 10 people with the Gospel. The loss of 50 units means 500 less people hearing the Good News in their own language.

This loss is felt particularly in India, where people are eager and ready to hear the Gospel. Sundararajan says three Indian pastors told him last year that the three of them alone could easily distribute 17,000 audio Scripture units in just five months. Clearly the need is great, and any loss is a hindrance to the spread of the Gospel. "It has been quite discouraging, to be honest," says Sundararajan.

To make up for the loss, another distribution will be sent out providing the area with 160 new audio Scripture units. ASM hopes these will arrive in time for their next major distribution project in February. In the meantime, they could use your help.

"Prayers are always, always coveted. But also think about wanting to sponsor a family for every unit that you are able to sponsor."

It costs about $50 to provide a unit for a family in their own heart language. This is an important way to reach people with the Good News, especially in regions with low literacy rates, where many cannot read the Scriptures on their own. To help replace what was taken by sponsoring a unit, click here.


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