500 North American missionaries needed in Europe

By May 20, 2004

Europe (MNN) — At a time when many mission organizations are beating the drum for national missionaries to do the work, Greater Europe Mission says they need North Americans. Europe is a difficult place to see success in outreach, but that doesn’t diminish the need as Europe is one of the most unreached places on earth.

Greater Europe Mission’s Steve Hoffman puts the need in perspective. “1-percent of the population of Europe, and that’s 750-million people across that continent, are evangelical believers. In fact, there are places in Africa and Asia where the church is growing at a faster rates than the church in Europe,” says Hoffman.

As they’ve connected with key European church leaders and have completed extensive research, Hoffman says GEM could use 500 long term missionaries over the next six year to help lead a very spiritually needy culture to Christ. Believe it or not, he’s not suggesting that these missionaries come from Europe. “Our opportunities are to bring North American missionaries to Europe,” says Hoffman, but that doesn’t mean preachers only. “The face of missions has changed a great deal in recent years. Today we’ve got business and professional people who are going over and are sharing their faith. We’ve got people who are skilled youth ministry leaders. We have technological backgrounds. The skills and abilities that are needed in missions today are much broader than they’ve been in the past,” Hoffman continues.

While the mission field in Europe isn’t seeing much fruit right now, Hoffman says that’s changing. He says, “We’re finding that when you connect your life and you live out a relevant faith in front of young people in Europe today, they’re open.” He adds that many are willing to make commitments, “In fact, our youth ministry director in Europe feels that where you spot the emergence of youth churches across Europe, you’re seeing the potential for great revival in some of those communities.”

If you’d like more information about joining Greater Europe Mission go to http://www.GEMission.org.

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