500,000 New Testaments to go to religiously-charged Assam

By June 14, 2011

India (MNN) — India's church has been growing exponentially over the last few years, but there are still some regions oblivious to the Gospel.

Assam state in Northeastern India is one of seven states that used to be united. The landlocked state is in the center of the other six and happens to be the center of Hinduism and Islam for the region as well.

"Assam, a state with a population of about 32 million, is the most staunchly Hindu and Muslim region of Northeast India," explains Mawii Pudaite with Bibles for the World. "65% are Hindus, 30.9% are Muslims, [and] only 3.7% are Christians."

Minority Christians are often ostracized in the religiously-polarized state.

"Operation World states that ‘Assam remains the major spiritual challenge in Northeast India. After two centuries of Christian work, professing Christians are a small and marginalized minority,'" says Pudaite.

The people in the region are in desperate need of the Gospel, and Bibles for the World hopes to bring it to them.

"There are more than 500,000 families whose names and addresses are available for us to send God's Word to," explains Pudaite. Now it's a matter of getting the Bible in the hands of those families.

The ministry is off to a good start. Many believers in Assam are eager to bring the Truth to their neighbors. A tribal Christian doctor was so moved to do so that he provided seed-money of 52,000 rupees (about $1,160) for Bibles for the World to start printing and distributing Bibles as soon as possible.

Local Christians are also prepared to do follow-up work once Bibles are distributed. Much is in place, and Bibles for the World hopes to begin distribution by the end of the year.

In order to reach this goal, however, more funding is necessary. It only costs $2.25 to print and distribute a New Testament to Hindu and Muslim homes in Assam. A gift of $22.50 will cover the cost of 10 Bibles, a gift of $225 will cover the cost of Bibles for 100 families, and so on. Help cover these costs at bftw.org.

The impact that these New Testaments could have on the state could be astronomical. 500,000 Bibles to 500,000 families means far more than half a million people will be reached with the Word of God. Now, the most important thing to ensure the Truth sinks into hearts is prayer.

"[Pray that] God will prepare their hearts to receive His Word."

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