A 9-year journey marks milestone with dedication

By May 16, 2011

Uganda (MNN) — In
Scripture, a name change was the equivalent of sirens blaring and lights
flashing–it meant that something really important was going on.

Something of similar import happened this weekend for AMG
. Camp El Har (which means Mountain of God) was dedicated under
its new name: Upendo Christian School.  AMG National director, Reuben Musiime says, "Upendo means God's never ending love. It's the foundation on which this school
was constructed. We express God is love to the needy children, God is love to
the society, God is love to the community around there. That's why we call it ‘Upendo.'"

The dream began in 2002, when Musiime was impressed by a new
ministry direction. "I sensed a need [to help] children whose parents died, especially of AIDS. Those children were
languishing in the village…nobody to care for them."

problem continued to grow. Six years
ago, GlobalHealthReporting.org estimated that there were one million
children under the age of 17 living in Uganda who had lost one or both parents
to AIDS. To put that into perspective, that's the third-highest national rate

More than an impression, the picture took a clear intent, Musiime
explains. "God led me to a vision to have a home where such children could be
raised up, could be taught God's Word, and could be educated."

Musiime continues, "We want to bring them into a Christian integrated environment where we prepare them for whatever God has for them in the future. Wherever they go, they'll go with the Gospel. We want to teach them and also disciple them in the name of Jesus Christ."

It's a community primary school, but there are students who are residents too, affected by HIV/AIDS in one way or another. The 20-acre property will also support a secondary school, complete with science and computer labs, and a library, among other buildings. Join us tomorrow as we look at what's happening with the medical ministry of AMG Uganda.

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