Inaugurations abound in the hope of the future for Uganda

By May 13, 2011

Uganda (MNN) — A presidential inauguration in Uganda on
Friday, May 13 is a celebration of transition.

Paul Jenks with
AMG International says they're celebrating one
of their own inaugurations with the dedication of one of their children's
ministries, formerly called Camp El Har (Mountain of God). 

A name change and an expanded mission means that "the
Upendo Academy is a facility where we will house and educate and give life to
children who have either lost one or both of their parents to
HIV/AIDS. Some of the children themselves are HIV positive."

The newly-renamed academy answers a growing need amongst
Uganda's most vulnerable population–the 2.3 million orphans, half of which are
AIDS orphans. Since one person out of
every two lives in severe poverty, and one out of every four suffers from
severe malnutrition, Upendo is a place for these kids to call "home." Jenks says, "When they came to the academy,
they were given a place of their own and just the love and nurture that a child
so desperately needs."

The new facility is a reminder of how quickly a
transition in government changes the outlook for ministries. Jenks agrees: "Through this political process, there is a transition that is going on.
With new government leadership, you're never quite sure where you as an NGO or
as a mission agency will stand."

While the dedication is cause for celebration, it's
also cause for prayer. There again, growth through the medical clinic outreach
has opened another door. "We would ask for prayer that we would have
favor in the eyes of those who will make decisions, especially in helping us
establish a nursing school there in Uganda."

Despite the circumstances that created the need for both the
Upendo Christian Academy and the medical clinic, it's not a sad place to be. In
the world's eyes, these children are orphans. In their eyes, they've been given
a new family and a new hope. "All that
we do is to proclaim the Word of God," explains Jenks, adding that "we're
unashamed that it is an outreach with a testimony. We do it in places like
Uganda where the Gospel can be openly proclaimed."

The AMG team is meeting with government officials next week
to further investigate the feasibility of a nursing school in the area. Continue to pray for open doors.

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