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Published on 10 May, 2005

A Bible distribution group joins Rwanda’s AIDS fight.

Rwanda (MNN)–Rwanda is struggling to overcome the aftermath of genocide and a raging AIDS pandemic.

In fact, the issue has become so prevalent, that the church is finally making bold steps in response. Just, last week, a pastoral conference was held in Kigali. Pastors from five countries attended to talk about the issues dominating outreach.

One of those is the AIDS problem. They are not the only ones to recognize the challenge. The government has long been searching for help and recently called upon Bibles For The World.

BFTW’s Mawii Pudaite says they agreed to help following a meeting with government leaders. “When we showed them a copy of ‘No Greater Love’, a New Testament in modern English, published by Bibles For The World, the health minister said, ‘This is what our people need. Our people with AIDS must have the opportunity to read God’s Word at least once before they die.'”

If they get the Bibles to Rwanda, Pudaite says, the government will get them to the aids treatment centers. She says they need help. “They told us that if we could provide one million copies, that would be wonderful. If not, at least 500-thousand copies. So, we are currently campaigning for Bibles for Rwanda. It’ll be about four dollars that will include the printing, the handling, the shipping, everything.”

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