A Bible translation project in India sees enthusiastic response.

By October 25, 2004

India (MNN)–The World Bible Translation Center says their India text is currently being typeset at the offices in Bangalore, India.

There are many steps to completion of the Bible including typesetting, printing and distribution, all requiring adequate funding.

India has at least 15 major languages, including English. WBTC has produced translations of the Bible in 11 of those languages, with New Testaments completed in three more.

In August, teams completed the final phase of translating the Bible into two more languages, Nepali and Oriya.

Once the Awadhi Old Testament and the Assammese Bible are finished, WBTC will have easy-to-read Bibles in all the major languages of India.

During a scholar’s recent visit to India to work on completing the Nepali and Oriya Bibles, he was able to witness the baptism of 50 new believers.

These conversions were possible through the efforts of WBTC-India and one of the programs established to help distribute the Bibles to the people.

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