Old Testament translation work moves forward in Peru.

By October 25, 2004

Peru (MNN)–The goal of one project for Wycliffe Bible Translators in Peru is to produce 40 percent of the Old Testament in seven Western Quechua dialects, using the Huallaga Quechua as a common base text.

The primary base text of Huallaga Quechua is adapted to Margos and Huamalies Quechua, which then serve as the base texts for the western Quechua languages–Huaylas, North Conchucos, South Conchucos, and Chaupihuaranga Quechua.

Teams are working hard to meet their deadlines. They hope to finish Genesis, print it for testing in their communities, and finish the first 23 chapters of Exodus.
Pray for stamina, alertness and spiritual blessing as the team of 12 mother-tongue translators work on God’s Word.

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