A camp ministry in Uganda kindles hope

By October 12, 2007

Uganda (MNN) — Uganda is estimated to have a
population of about 25-30 million. The AIDS mortality rate in the country
markedly changed that, and also dropped life expectancy to around 50 years.

The government took an aggressive posture in
education on the virus and eventually saw the death rate start to decline. However, according to several humanitarian
groups, in 2006  scientists suggested
that HIV prevalence may be rising again. By the end of last year, anti-retroviral treatment was reaching around
41% of needy people.

Even with the reported decline, the numbers are
staggering. Four years ago it was reported that 1.4 million children under the age of 17 living in Uganda had lost one or both parents to AIDS. That translates to a whole generation lost to
education and spiritual guidance, unless someone steps up.

AMG International is working with a team in Uganda
to provide a place to keep hope alive for a group of AIDS orphans. Dr. Reuben Musiime, director of AMG Uganda,
is developing Camp El Har, about an hour's drive from Kampala.

A work in progress, he envisions the camp as a place
where orphaned children are prepared to change the
future of Uganda as mature, well-trained Christian adults. Reuben imagines that some children of Camp El
Har will grow up and change the world! His vision is clear and specific.

The children are loved and taught about the love of
Christ. There are 18 children living at the facility, but the plan calls
for as many as 80 resident children when everything is finished. This month,
AMG is trying to help raise $25,000 to complete the facilities and staff

In order to accommodate the vision and the growth, the team is looking to
build two new residential units to completion. They're
also raising funds to cover the salary of a houseparent and pay for utilities
and food for Camp El Har. Click here if
you can help.



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