A Christian agency continues its fight to liberate fetish slaves in Ghana.

By October 1, 2004

Ghana (MNN)–IN Network continues to work to bring an end to Ghana’s fetish slavery, even though the practice was outlawed in 1998.

The agency means to see the remaining two thousand women released from bondage. But, freeing them is just the first step. The other challenge lies in helping them be self-suffiencient.

Trokosi program coordinator, ‘Patience’ is touring the United States to raise awareness of their ministry. She says the work really begins at the point the women are liberated.

First, it’s a challenge to overcome the years of stereotype. “Because they are stigmatized, they are made to [feel] worthless. When I share with them that they are unique in the sight of God, just [like] me, and they have hope for themselves, it’s such a joy for them.”

Secondly, once they are free, they need to support themselves, and often, many children born during their captivity. Patience helps teach the women a practical skill and helps them launch their own businesses.

Most importantly, though, is their healing spiritually and emotionally. Patience call it a spiritual battle. Many of the areas with the remaining slaves are the most resistant to the Gospel. “Sometimes you face very hostile priests who are not ready to accept you. You are threatened. You are cursed, “You’re going to die doing this work.” People are just afraid of the whole thing. The work is enormous.”

She says their greatest need now, aside from financial and prayer support, is people. They desperately need counselors to help the newly freed women begin dealing with the damage done while in slavery.

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