A Christian agency responds to needs in Liberia.

By June 21, 2004

Liberia (MNN)–The United Nations says peace in Liberia is key to the stability of West Africa.

Peace remains fragile, at best. The country’s war has affected Sierra Leone, Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. Living Waters International’s Jerry Wiles says refugees have flocked to places of refuge that just aren’t designed to respond.

That’s why Living Waters is opening an office in Liberia. “The city of Monrovia, for example, was constructed to handle about 800-thousand population. There’s about one-point-five million people there. So, there’s a great need for sanitation and health and hygiene issues. A lot of what we’re doing there is repairing hand pumps so that people have clean water.”

Wiles says their mission vision is expansive. Sharing that vision requires five new branch offices in the United States. Wiles says it’s an issue of educating others about their ministry.

“In my opinion, I’ve been in a lot of different Christian ministry and mission organizations in international work for a long time, and I think (that) bringing clean water along with the Gospel is probably one of the most strategic, and high impact mission opportunities today. I think that there’s a growing number of people recognizing that.”

Living Waters is headquartered in Texas, but they’re opening another branch office in that state, as well as others in the District of Colombia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Colorado.

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