A Christian couple looks to grow ministry opportunity in the Dominican Republic.

By February 16, 2004

Dominican Republic (MNN)–Businesses shut down, schools closed and streets emptied for a national strike to protest the Dominican Republic’s worst economic crisis in decades.

The economic tensions built up to a fever pitch over the last year, and spilt over two and a half weeks ago. Inflation topped 42 percent, the Dominican peso has lost more than half its value against the U.S. dollar, and the unemployment rate has risen to more than 16 percent.

Given the poverty, people have been more responsive to the hope of Christ, and many agencies are responding to the call of the existing church in the Dominican Republic.

As church members catch the vision for missions, they are getting involved in whatever ways they can. A case in point, the International Mission Board says opportunities for ministry are developing in the Dominican Republic.

A new believer and his wife just purchased a home in an elite neighborhood in Santiago. They desire to open their home for Bible study.

Please pray for this opportunity, that they will be blessed through this step of faith and grow in their commitment to share Christ, that friends and neighbors will be interested in participating, and that God will be glorified mightily.

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