A Christian media training center sees another class graduate into ministry.

By July 5, 2006

Ecuador (MNN)–HCJB World Radio’s Christian Center of Communications (CCC) is wrapping up another academic year in Ecuador.

Begun as a training grounds for future media tech in 1984, the center became a branch campus of Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minn., in October 2001.

It later became accredited through CONESUP, Ecuador’s accrediting agency for higher education institutions, in May 2003.

With a student body of roughly 29 each year, the instruction is duly concetrated. As a result, graduates are fully trained and ready to work in the mission’s radio and television ministries in Ecuador.

Third-year students are completing their final projects required for graduation and preparing to serve in media ministries.

The course integrates communications and technical courses with biblical knowledge and hands-on experience in various media.

Pray for wisdom in the selection process for next fall’s first-year class, and about additional finances.

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