A Christian ministry helps preserve a way of life for a small Uganda tribe.

By November 18, 2003

Uganda (MNN)–Audio Scripture Ministries’ IK (eek) project in Uganda continues.

ASM teams were looking into some way to do a very basic recording of some Scripture verses and messages. A local recording studio contracted to make the first ever Gospel recordings for the IK people.

Approximately 5,000 Ik live mainly in northeastern Uganda spread out along the escarpment between Timu Forest in the south and Kidepo National Park in the north, along the border with Kenya.

In addition to the audio recording, the translation of larger Scripture portions continues indirectly with translators working in the US and a national helper in Uganda.

Among the needs for the project are not only recording equipment, but also computers to help with the translations. ASM provided a laptop computer to assist in the venture. Keep praying for the project.

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