A Christian school agency creates ‘Agents of Transformation’ in Nicaragua.

By March 3, 2005

Nicaragua (MNN)–In the wake of Hurricane Mitch’s devastation, a new vision for outreach was born in Nicaragua.

Worldwide Christian Schools’ Steve Geurink says they’re building on that with the goal of creating a unified education ministry in Central America. “We have a school ministry that we’re very excited about. The ministry is working through an organization called ‘The Nehemiah Center.’ We’re reaching about 200 schools in Nicaragua and helping to form a new Christian School Association called ‘ACECEN’ (Nicaragua Association of Christian Schools).”

In the area of Christian education and schools, WCS is working with the Nehemiah Staff to reach not only Nicaragua, but a majority of the countries of Central America through ‘Training Of the Trainer’ (TOT) events which promotes the ‘Agents of Transformation’ Seminars and conferences.

Geurink says it has a three-pronged approach. “It revolves around personal life, as a parent, as a spouse, as a child. Then it goes to your institution which would be, in our case, a school or a church. And then finally, they talk about community–you have to be involved in your community affairs.”

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