Romania’s moratorium on international adoptions continues.

By March 3, 2005

Romania (MNN)–The U-S State Department says the new Romanian Government may make an exception to the international adoption ban.

The United States Government remains extremely concerned that the new Romanian adoption law imposes serious obstacles to all adoptions and creates a system in which children remain in state care for years without parents.

Even so, an international commission is reviewing cases prior to the moratorium. Many families who were in the process of adopting a child had their cases put in limbo while the Romanian government carefully examined the system.

Bethany Christian Services says other than that, the only exception made under the moratorium is for grandparents wishing to adopt their grandchildren.

In the meantime, Bethany continues to show the love of Christ through social services. Their strategic partner began a domestic adoption project that will last for 18 months and is funded by World Learning.

It’s intended to train the government social workers and representatives in advanced adoption practice models with the goal of increasing their practice knowledge in adoption.

Then they can begin the process of recruiting and training families in Romania for adoption. These types of social service activities are especially important during this time of transition in children’s services.

Pray for the dedicated workers in that country, for encouragement and vision for the families and children under their care.

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