Missionaries say prayer prevented visa changes in the Philippines.

By March 3, 2005

Philippines (MNN) — Missionaries won’t be limited to one five-year term of service in the Philippines. Last month we told you about a plan that would do just that as part of their immigration reform.

Mission Network News received word from Send International’s Country Director Phil Burns that the meeting of the Commissioner of Immigration with various evangelical leaders regarding the proposed change of visa provisions, “Resulted in a favorable decision to suspend the implementation of the new ruling. The matter will be reviewed and revised by the Commissioner at some later date.”

The missionary community was concerned that the current wording of the new policy restricted visas to a 5 year length, which was later revised to one additional 5 year extension. Burns says it’s his understanding that the final policy will not restrict missionaries from applying for a new visa when they reach the end of whatever length of visa is established.

Burns is thanking MNN listeners for praying. He says, “They helped make a difference.”

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