A Christian school bridges the gap in Nicaragua.

By October 29, 2003

Nicaragua (MNN)–In Nicaragua, a new phenomenon is emerging: the new middle-class.

Several factors play into the development of a strong, vibrant middle class. A stable job market, adequate housing and access to a good education play key roles in making sure that a free, prosperous Nicaragua develops.

The main problem in the education arena is that either the schools are aimed at the very poor, or they are for the very rich, with matching tuitions. That disparity only serves to increase the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

However, Worldwide Christian Schools’ Steve Geurink says they’re working in partnership with the Nehemiah Center, to develop the ‘Timothy Project’. “This school will be tuition-based, but at one-fifth the cost of the National Christian Academy. The school is going to target a growing middle class in Managua, Nicaragua, and we feel, has significant potential to help spread the Gospel of Christ through Christian education.”

Geurink says they are, “…literally at the foundation stage, having just gotten permission to start building” not more than two weeks ago.

He says the project, in its infancy, needs much support to see it survive. Aside from funding, “Worldwide Christian Schools is asking churches to consider sending what we call ‘hands teams’ or mission teams to help build this pre-school through nine (9th grade) school building. Our immediate need is for teams that are interested in going between March and July.”

WWCS teams will build a new school from the ground up. Team expenses include the cost of the construction materials for the project. Construction experience is not required however, each team must have members on the team with some construction background. Work projects may include the following, pouring concrete footings and floors, laying block, installing plumbing, electrical wiring and finish lighting, stucco or painting and installation of doors and windows. Some teams may help with the landscaping of the ground near the school (i.e., the ground is not completely level) .

Go to our short-term missions database for more information: www.stmdb.org.

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