A conference in the U.S. will renew your passion for ministry

By April 4, 2008

USA (MNN) — Keeping the passion for ministry is a struggle for everyone. Long hours, discouragement and more can cause believers to lose sight of what God has planned for you in service for Him. That's why Gospel for Asia is hosting another Renewing Your Passion Conference July 11-13 in Dallas, Texas.

Founder and President of Gospel for Asia KP Yohannan says, "It is exciting to see the powerful way in which the Lord is working today. This is one of the most incredible times in history. God is drawing to Himself men, women and children in Asia, including the 300 million Dalits (Untouchables) of India who are — right now — searching for the Truth. 'The harvest is ripe,' just as Jesus said."

At the 2008 Renewing Your Passion Conference, you will be able to hear firsthand from several of Gospel for Asia's senior field leaders. These missionaries have made incredible sacrifices for the sake of the Gospel. They have faced severe persecution including harassment, imprisonment and beatings, yet they boldly proclaim the message of Christ without fear. As a result, thousands of lives in previously-unreached areas have been touched by His love.

Yohannan says, "Fellow believers — church leaders and pastors included — who have visited the mission field and met these men have been deeply challenged by their lives. I believe their inspiring testimonies will refresh and encourage you. Their personal reports of the miraculous ways God has moved and how churches have been planted in countless villages will increase your faith."

Many claim the weekend of heartfelt worship, prayer and fellowship with like-minded Christians is a life-changing experience.

If you'd like more information on the Renewing Your Passion Conference, click here.

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