The church’s silence and HIV/AIDS devastation prompts ministry response

By April 4, 2008

Africa (MNN) — Africa Inland Mission is working hard to help
its members throughout Africa to develop an effective Christian response to

John Chaplin is the ministry's
International HIV/AIDS Coordinator. One problem he encountered was that as HIV/AIDS
spread throughout Africa, the church remained silent on the issue.

a result, John helped start the AIC AIDS program in 1998. In 2006 they moved to AIM's International
Office where he serves as the Mission's International Aids Coordinator.

means the team develops AIDS strategies within AIM's Regions in Africa and
encourages all missionaries to develop an appropriate response to AIDS in
their particular field of work.

AIM is trying to be a catalyst
to African churches, helping them to see how the Gospel message of a changed
life can fight against AIDS.   

example, in Lesotho, a group of church leaders is conducting AIDS
education among the herd boys. At the same time, they mentor young men from the
local churches as they assist the leaders to teach chastity and faithfulness.

A small group of young people in Rundu,
Namibia have formed an AIDS group that is teaching about the disease in
churches and to the youth around.

AIM is encouraging them in their
stand to be different from their peers and helping them to find useful material
and training to share the message of godly living through the power of the Holy

Pray that churches in Africa will
get involved in AIDS education and care for AIDS victims and their families.

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