Zimbabwe leader reportedly concedes election

By April 4, 2008

Zimbabwe (MNN) — Zimbabwe's
President Robert Mugabe has reportedly privately conceded defeat, but he has yet
to make a public announcement. 

Voting officials say Mugabe also lost
control of parliament for the first time since independence in 1980. In parliament's lower house, the Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC) won 99 seats, while the ZANU-PF won 97 seats, and a
breakaway MDC faction won 10. One independent candidate won a seat.

Pressure is mounting for President Mugabe to
step down. Under his direction, a once-prosperous
nation has fallen to more unemployed than employed, an unheard of 100,00%
inflation rate, and severe fuel and food shortages.

Despite the rumors, the silence
from the President has been deafening. A
run-off election has been suggested because the challenger, Morgan Tsvangirai, failed to win a clear

A quiet tension holds the country as the questions
mount, but few answers are coming to allay the doubts. The potential for violence has armed police
roaming the streets, business traffic is down and a curfew keeps things quiet for

Global Advance's David Shibley is confident
the teaching from an earlier Frontline Shepherd's Conference prepared the
church for such a time as this. "In this volatile time where there is a
mix of tremendous uncertainty but also of great hope, I believe that the
church is going to rise. This church in Zimbabwe has been tempered. I believe
it's time now for God, by His Holy Spirit, to do something dramatic and

Shibley urges prayer for the
church as its leaders work as peacemakers. "The church in Zimbabwe is
going to have to rise to the occasion so that there will not be conflict. We're trusting God and believing that there's
going to be a very bloodless, peaceful transition to a new government and a new

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