A convergence of history in the Middle East

By June 2, 2015
(Photo courtesy SAT-7)

(Photo courtesy SAT-7)

MENA (SAT-7) — [Editor’s Note: This story from SAT-7’s Facebook page and Web site reveals an increasing hunger for God in the Middle East.]

SAT-7 founder, Dr. Terence Ascott observes, “We are indeed in the midst of a convergence of history–when millions are disillusioned with the violence being perpetuated in the name of their religion. They are disturbed by the greatest chaos in the Middle East since WWII. At the same time, they are finding hope and meaning in a God of love and discovering Truth, broadcast from above, through SAT-7’s five channels.” But, SAT-7 is at a critical crossroads, a time of both unprecedented opportunity and urgent need.

SAT-7 is a voice of truth, made possible by your generosity, transforming the Middle East through hope in Jesus Christ. For nearly 20 years, SAT-7 has delivered the uncensored Word of God to tens of millions. In addition, a few months ago SAT-7 TÜRK became the first and only Christian channel on Türksat (the government-sponsored Turkish satellite), opening doors to millions who have never heard the Word before. This opportunity could potentially double SAT-7’s total viewing audience. Based on the viewer responses we have seen so far, this may be a conservative estimate.

One of SAT-7’s Farsi-language children’s programs receives an average of 340 calls during their one-hour broadcast. Children are eager to learn more about the Bible and speak to Christians. However, there are far more calls than the call centers can handle. Please pray that SAT-7 receives the needed support and manpower so that none of these children’s calls go unanswered.

Children aren’t the only ones seeking answers from the Bible. A man from Iran told a counselor, “I came to Christ four years ago. I don’t have any church or any Christian resources except your channel. Please pray for me and my wife to be able to grow in our Christian faith.”

There are few recognized churches in Iran, and they are not available to new believers. In order to grow in their faith, Christians turn to “house churches” – small groups who meet in secret to study Scripture. Through teaching programs such as Seminary of the Air (SOTA), SAT-7 brings sound biblical teaching to Farsi viewers through distinct levels of training and discipleship programs.

SAT-7 received a testimony from a woman in Iran who needed a friend and found Christ. “I am now 33 years old. I was forced by my family to marry at the age of 11, and by the time I was 15, I had two children…. I lived like a slave for 14 years. I was broken and depressed…

“A few years ago I met a person who introduced me to your channel. In my loneliest hours, I watched your programs and came to know Christ. I learned that He loves me…despite the darkness in my life, in my heart, and in my mind. I gave my heart to Jesus two years ago and continue to watch your programs daily. I joined a small house church…. Now, 10 members of my close family and relatives are also Christians, and together, we meet to worship God and watch your programs.”

At the very time SAT-7 is seeing interest in the Gospel as never before, resources are down! Yet SAT-7 feels a sense of urgency to speak God’s Word into the Middle East and North Africa. So to maintain its ministry unabated, the network has exhausted its financial reserves. Lower support, together with now-depleted reserves, creates an emergency–an immediate need for additional funds to support SAT-7’s critical, timely, and highly effective ministry presenting the Gospel to millions of hearts.

The people of the Middle East and North Africa need your prayers. SAT-7 needs your financial support. With your help, SAT-7 will continue to broadcast a powerful message of truth and hope so sorely needed in the midst of this convergence of history.

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