Syrian Christians trapped in Aleppo

By November 9, 2015
(Photo courtesy of Open Doors USA)

(Photo courtesy of Open Doors USA)

Syria (ODM) — [EDITOR’S NOTE: This is an article posted directly from the website of Open Doors USA. Click here to learn more about how this ministry is assisting persecuted believers around the world.]

Thousands of Christians still live in the government-controlled parts of Aleppo, Syria. For the last 10 days, the city has been under siege. There are no roads open to travel in or out of the city. There is a shortage of everything in the government-controlled areas of Aleppo.

An Open Doors USA contact reports: “There are hardly [any] food supplies. Even the United Nations relief packages have stopped. Vegetables and fruits have disappeared from markets and shops. All the restaurants are closed. There is no gasoline in the stations. Taxi service has stopped and those who saved a little bit of gasoline are asking high prices. Students are walking for more than an hour to go to the university.

“There is no electricity and no water. People are standing in very long lines to fill their buckets. The only time they can collect water is between 6 to 11 p.m. while the generators are working to pump the water out. Shells randomly hit the city from the fighting.”

The contact adds: “People are starting to become more and more hopeless. Some people are selling their apartments for only $10,000. They want to get the money and as soon as the roads open again, they want to leave Aleppo for good.”

Pray that God will comfort and strengthen the Christians trapped in Aleppo. Pray that the people will put their trust in God. Pray that much-needed supplies will get to those in need.

Through local churches of all denominations, Open Doors provides essential monthly support (food supplies, medicine, rent subsidies, medical help, winterization material, etc.) to almost 50,000 people in Syria. An average of over 9,800 families received help during the first eight months of 2015, and they will continue receiving support in the coming months.


  • Mike says:

    Lord please help your people in Syria. Keep their faith in you strong, and deliver them safely through this turmoil. In Jesus name I ask these things.

  • Michele says:

    Aloha and praise be to our God and King, The only True Lord of all! Thank you dor your information. Are only Christians in trouble in Aleppo, or all Syrians? Please, what is an address to share with you in your excellent work to help them?
    In Almighty God’s eternal love, Michele

  • God be with you in your suffering. Trust in the Lord with all your
    heart, lean not to your own understanding,; In all thing acknowledge
    Him and He will direct your paths.

    God be with you and give you food and strength.

  • John says:

    Lord God, King of the Universe, Please send your protection to the Men, women and Children of Syria who cry out to you. Please intervene and rescue them from harm from those who would harm them. Have mercy on them who cry out to you!
    Open the doors so the KING OF GLORY may enter in.
    I ask that you send your Ministering and Warrior Angels to surround and protect these innocence from the hands of evil. Please intervene, please stop the blood shed.
    In Jesus Name

  • Tom Lavin says:

    All of the replies are correct and worthwhile but the article should have mentioned which factions have the city of Aleppo under seige. We assume ISIS is the culprit but could it be the Russians or one of the many fighting groups in Syria?

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