Finally a reason to celebrate in Nigeria

By June 2, 2015
The ECWA Theological Seminary is located in Jos, Nigeria. (Map cred: The Nigerian Archive blog)

(Map credit: The Nigerian Archive blog)

Nigeria (MNN) — Nigeria, a nation marked by terror and violence coming from radical Islam, finally has a reason to celebrate.

Newly-inaugurated Muslim President Muhammadu Buhari declared the reign of extremist group Boko Haram must end.

Over the years, this terrorist group has killed over 15,000 and displaced more than 1.5 million people.

“Boko Haram will soon know the strength of our collective will and commitment to rid this nation of terror, and bring back peace and normalcy to all the affected areas.” Buhari said in his victory speech.

“We shall spare no effort until we defeat terrorism.”

Celebrations of Peace

Millions are celebrating the president’s promise of peace, including Christians.

According to World Watch Monitor, thousands of believers gathered in three different areas of Jos, the capital of central Plateau State, on Sunday May 24 to celebrate the victory of Buhari and the peaceful election outcome, as past elections in Nigeria have brought on widespread conflict and violence.

World Watch Monitor reports more than 800 people were killed after the 2011 elections, and Christian properties were destroyed. But prior to the most-recent election, governorship candidates signed a sort of peace treaty. After the election, former President Goodluck Jonathan called Buhari to congratulate him, a sign of reconciliation.

“Today we gather here to praise and honor God for answering our prayers for peaceful elections in Nigeria,” said the Archbishop of Jos and President of the Episcopal Conference of Nigeria, Ignatius Kaigama.

“What we are doing here is handing to God our State, our country, and our leaders to His blessings.”

Good News for Mission Groups

With the plans to eradicate the extremists, mission groups believe this could mean good news: an opportune time for Gospel work in the nation.

“Now it is time to set a [God]-driven and friendly agenda for our leaders. It is no time to sit on the fence. It is not time for passive complaint. It is time for active obedience. It is time for responsibility,” affirmed Archbishop Kaigama.

As Buhari pushes forward with plans of peace, join the Nigerian Christians and mission organizations who are praying for the president, the country, and ways to become more active in their Gospel work.

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  • The estimate of deaths after the 2011 elections numbers in the thousands in Kaduna, Zaria, Kano, Sokoto, Bauchi and many other locations. It was orchestrated by Buhari who was defeated in the election. I was in Zaria from 2007-2014 and saw the atrocities that continued for years and not all related to Boko Haram.

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