A family grows as they respond to God’s call.

By September 16, 2004

Russia (MNN)–There are an estimated 700-thousand orphans in Russia’s orphanages. Even as the government encourages national adoptions and looks to provide enough resources for their development, the sheer numbers means that needs are overwhelming.

Among the many families responding, are Ruth and Allen Peterson. They raised three biological children, but through two other families, felt an urging to adopt and brought two girls home from Russia four years ago.

With Adoption Associates’ help, they brought Tatiana and Ola home from Russia four years ago. When they left the orphanage, a young boy stood in tears waving goodbye
to Tatiana.

Apparently, she had mothered him and they were inseparable. The Petersons witnessed the display of emotion, and the look on Dima’s face was embedded in Allen’s heart.

Tatiana’s first words in English: “We really need to go back and get Dima.” Three years later, they learned Dima was available for adoption.

Allen says their journey was a family calling. “We’ve brought these children into our home now, and we are teaching them about Christ and what He did for us on the Cross. What happens to these kids when they grow up, what they decide to do with themselves, I don’t know. It depends on what God puts on their heart. We have the idea that we’re holding on to them with loose hands, they’re in God’s hands, and it’s our job to train them right now.”

Although they had the desire, a farmer’s income meant there was no money to make the adoption happen. Peterson says God worked out the details to bring their family members together, with help from CAFA, Christian Advocates for Adoption. Dima came home to Michigan in July.

Their greatest hope is to see their children respond to God’s call. “If they decide they want to go back to Russia to live, and to spread the Gospel there, then that’s a call that they can accept and take, and all we have to do is find the training for them.”

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